Xtreme Forwarding NZ Ltd

Xtreme Forwarding NZ Ltd

Unit 1, 124 Park Road
Wellington 6022 https://www.xtremeforwarding.com/

Phone : +64 4 380 3000
Primary Contact : Steve(at)xtremeforwarding.com

Xtreme Forwarding offers you service to the extreme. With over 42 years of specialised knowledge & experience we have a complete understanding of the requirements to the film & entertainment industry.

We supply specialised transport medium best suited to your particular specifications. This includes Nose and side load aircraft, over-size or abnormal loads, Airryde trucks, refridgerated vehicles and temperature controlled environments en route for sensitive equipment.

With a long list of credentials which back up our expertise. You'll enjoy Xtra-ordinary service from a reliable, enthusiastic team of freight specialists who really know what they are doing. We're not your usual freight forwarder or courier company...we deal specifically within your industry. This isnt a small part of what we do...it's all we do twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.