Verified Container Weight

CBAFF and IVS partner to deliver Verified Gross Mass Certification

From 15 June 2016, shippers must verify container weights using certified weighing equipment and communicate a “Verified Gross Mass” or “VGM” to the shipping line. Without a VGM, the container cannot be landed on the vessel. Maritime NZ Rule 24B.4.4(a).

Maritime New Zealand has updated its website with relevant information. Click here for more information.

Let us complete your Verified Gross Mass Certification

What you get:

  • Your container weighed on your site – we come to your location – (service area – Auckland down to Taupo)
  • Containers weighed – anywhere, anytime
  • Container weighing and certification is taken care of
  • Immediate results before we leave your site
  • Hassle free service from a trusted independent third party

The benefits:

  • No need to purchase expensive weighing equipment
  • No maintenance or regular calibration checks of your weighing equipment needed
  • No extra machinery needed for the container weighing
  • No weigh bridges
  • No need to weigh individual cargo items
  • Improve efficiency
  • Online booking

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