Regulated Air Cargo Agent


The RACA (Regulated Air Cargo Agent) ID Tags were developed in collaboration with CTO’s, AVSEC and BARNZ. The ID Tag is envisaged to become the industry standard for Identifying whether employees are Authorised Persons under Rule 109 and whether employees have a favourable security check with AVSEC.

“CTOs and airlines are strongly supportive of the CBAFF ID card because we know that a system is in place to only issue it when the person concerned has met the security clearance and the training requirements. I am writing to advise you of the concerns that exist and the measures that are underway to address this matter. Would you please encourage your members and through them the drivers they employ (company or contract) to either have proof of security clearance and training when delivering cargo or better still possess a CBAFF ID card which CTOs and airlines accept will be adequate proof of requirements being met.”

John Beckett
Executive Director
BARNZ Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand (Inc)

For full letter of support please click here.

To obtain a RACA ID Tag you will need a:
  • Completed application form, download here
  • Copy of photo ID (drivers licence, Passport)
  • Letter from your employer appointing you as an authorised person in accordance with company’s exposition
  • Proof that you have successfully completed your RACA Security Awareness Training
  • Photo of yourself (head and shoulder length)– sent electronically
  • Letter from Aviation Security indicating your favourable security check


Terms & Conditions

ID Tag will only be issued to persons whom meet the criteria as set out below.
Criteria for issuing ID Tags:

All conditions apply.

  • Person applying for ID Tag must be a verified employee of a RACA or an employee of a contractor to a RACA (eg. Road Transport Service Provider)
  • Person applying for ID Tag must have successfully completed training course which meets the requirements of Rule 109 and must provide proof of this.
  • Person applying for ID Tag must have a letter from employer appointing them as a authorized person under the RACA’s exposition
  • Written evidence from AVSEC confirming that the person has received a favourable security check determination.
  • A printed AND electronic copy of photo is to be supplied
  • Identity of person applying for ID Tag must be confirmed by the employer’s Authorised Person in accordance with employer’s exposition.
  • Full payment of ID Tag issuing fee must be received
  • If the applicant is not a verified employee of RACA or Contractor to RACA, or has not completed any RACA training 50% of the ID tag fee will be forfeited to CBAFF to cover administration expenses. CBAFF reserves the right to decide to whom ID Tags are issued.ID tag will not/must not be issued if any one of the items listed above is missing. Card will only be issued if all of the above information is received

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