Code of Ethics

Every CBAFF Member pledges to abide by this professional code of conduct which states:

  • The CBAFF Member must discharge its duties with honesty and integrity.
  • The CBAFF Member pledges a standard of competence to its client, to perform in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner, services undertaken on the client’s behalf.
  • The CBAFF Member pledges to hold in strict confidence, all information acquired in the course of the relationship concerning the business and the affairs of its client. No such information is to be divulged unless authorized by the client, or required by law.
  • The CBAFF Member agrees to observe all relevant laws of New Zealand and international agreements, conventions and legislation as they relate to the carriage of goods and the provision of services.
  • The CBAFF Member owes a duty to its client, not to withdraw its services, except for good cause, and upon appropriate notice.
  • The CBAFF Member agrees to register, with CBAFF, its use of the CBAFF logo.

November 2012

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