Generation Future

Welcome to the latest addition to our federation's lineup - Generation Future.
As an industry, we are responsible for empowering the next generation of talent through learning, development, innovation and creativity.
As part of CBAFFs continued commitment to career development and planning for the future of our industry, the CBAFF Council sought expressions of interest from members to identify young professionals who would serve on this newly established working group.
Of specific interest were those individuals who display diverse experience and broad perspectives, who are creative and outside-the-box thinkers, and who are keen to be part of a like-minded group of individuals that aren't afraid to provide a voice for young logistics professionals here in New Zealand.

The First Meeting


Established in May 2024, Generation Future came together for the first time to plan and discuss the direction, consider aspects of what we need to do now, what the future looks like, how do we attract (and retain) youth and what support is required.

It was agreed that we're all about injecting energy, excitement and innovation into our industry; that we're all about breaking boundaries and redefining what it means to engage in our industry; that we're ready to captivate and empower young minds about the diversity and rewarding nature of our industry.


Meet The Team


Abbey Barron (Pengellys)
Alyssa Tomlinson (Koru Customs)
Ashleigh Riddle (Go Air Land Sea)
Brittney Hydes (Pengellys)
Carina Voigt (Expeditors)
Emma Walsh (Toll Group)
Joanne Russell (Hellman)
Monre Dewet (Expeditors)
Olivia Kinnane (Pengellys)
Ryan Heta (Direct Couriers)
Samantha Littlefield (Expeditors)
Sarah Clark (First Global Logistics)
Shaun Muirson (Go Air Land Sea)
Sherelle Kennelly (CBAFF, CEO)

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