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"Welcome to our Our People, where we honor the dedication and unwavering commitment of our long-serving industry members!
At CBAFF we believe in recognising the invaluable contributions of those who form the bedrock of our federation, so as you navigate through our digital commemoration, you'll discover members from humble beginnings to extraordinary achievements, with each journey being a testament to their career.
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Glenn Coldham

Past President 2012-2017
CBAFF Committee member 28 years (since 1994) - Life Member
My career commenced with New Zealand Customs in 1982, and then I “jumped ship” to the dark side in 1987 with Perrot & Partners Limited as a Customs Broker.

I have been involved in many exciting projects in my time as a Customs Broker but the most rewarding and mind boggling was managing the Customs Import and Re Export requirements for the nineteen visiting teams for the ... ... ...

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