Mission, Vision, Aims

Mission Statement

To develop the professionalism and image of the customs broking, freight forwarding and logistics industry, to create an environment that benefits all members and to facilitate affiliation and participation in the pursuit of industry goals.


To be the Transport Logistics Organisation for New Zealand.

CBAFF aims to:

  • Develop and maintain communication within the industry and between various stakeholders to ensure mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.
  • Maintain strong links with Government and other bodies that influence how the industry operates.
  • Promote the industry in the wider environment and ensure relevant and useful industry information is made available to members.
  • Facilitate continued training in freight forwarding and customs broking to inform and develop less experienced industry participants.
  • Promote our Code of Ethics to support members in upholding consistent, cohesive and professional standards for the overall benefit of the industry.
  • Provide a quality, accessible service, including support for any member when required.
  • Prepare members to meet the challenges of the future.

The CBAFF Code of Ethics requires that:

  • Dealings with clients are professional and consistent with the highest professional standards of facilitation, advice and client care at all times.
  • The client’s legitimate interests are paramount in any recommendations and advice given and come before any consideration for the member’s personal gain.
  • Any conflicts between the member’s own interests and the client’s business are disclosed and any conflict of interest between different clients avoided.
  • Confidentiality of clients’ information is protected.
  • All legislative and legal requirements are met and clients are informed if the member becomes aware of any breaches or potential breaches of compliance.
  • Fair Trading and similar legislation is complied with and clients are not solicited for in a misleading manner.
  • Any staff member or contractor employed behaves in a manner consistent with this Code.
  • Client contracts for services are clear and easily understood.
  • Cultural values and differences are respected in all professional activities.
  • The Federation’s name and/or logo is not used in a way that damages the integrity of the Federation or profession of customs broking and/or freight forwarding.