CBAFF president sets out key industry issues

Two days of presentations and discussions on key issues confronting the country’s freight management sector have confirmed the need for a more closely collaborative approach to their resolution.
There are a lot of business sectors more hotly attractive as a career than customs and freight forwarding but very few as fundamentally important to the economic growth that creates all of the other employment opportunities. Nor as essentially requiring its participants to learn the ability to become quick decision-makers backed by equal attention to fast changing market circumstances and transaction detail.

Since the day dry bulk cargo was joined by 24-foot equivalent units (‘TEU’) stacked as containers on and below deck on container vessels, and the bill of lading was joined by customs declarations and cargo forwarding, freight has been on an
exponential growth curve. Today, it is a transnational border business mix of human capital and ultra-fast blockchain based technology, shipping, trucking, rail and warehousing.


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