China NZ FTA: Goods transiting through Hong Kong ex China

CBAFF has been working with NZ Customs to gain clarification for members about the requirements for goods of Chinese origin that have only transhipped through Hong Kong on their way to NZ. Please see below response from NZ Customs regarding their view on the matter.

Where Customs is satisfied that the goods in question are of Chinese origin, and have only transhipped through Hong Kong on their way to NZ, then preference may be allowed.

“Transhipped” should be taken to mean a short term stay, to transfer goods from one means of conveyance to another to continue the journey to NZ.

Evidence of a short term stay would be some documentary proof that:-

  • The goods were sold for export directly from China to NZ; and
  • The goods were packed in a container in China clearly destined for NZ (i.e. the goods had not undergone any packing/repacking/consolidation in HK); and The goods are only in HK for a few days, while awaiting loading onto the next plane/ship (unforeseen delays in shipping can be accepted when considering this criterion).

Goods that have entered into Hong Kong and have been warehoused before any sale to NZ has been made would not be considered for preference under the NZ China FTA.

If you have any queries please contact the NZ Customs Valuation, Origin & Classification team (VOC) via the email below using the subject line “China FTA direct shipment query”.